School-of-Education-GraduateWhether you attend the School of Education and Human Services as a graduate or undergraduate student, you will learn from faculty who are actively practicing as educational leaders, counselors or diagnosticians. All faculty members:

  • have been practitioners in their respective fields
  • remain very connected to their school districts
  • understand current practices and trends
  • personally write job recommendations


Not admitting new candidates: ​The School of Education and Human Services will not be accepting new candidates for certification, category, class, or route while we work to implement a continuous improvement model that will align with all standards particular to Texas Education Agency curriculum guidelines, policies, and procedures. Our intention is to ensure that we are offering programs of the highest quality and will provide information as we move through the process.

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It's also about who knows you. With deep connections in the community, our faculty can get you in front of the right people – a distinct advantage over students pursuing education degrees at other institutions.

ROCIO SALDANA Talent Acquisition Leadership Recruiter – Houston ISD

We’ve recruited many UST graduates over the years. We continue to be impressed by how prepared they are to succeed in HISD classrooms.

Rocio Saldana Talent Acquisition Leadership Recruiter – Houston ISD